26 Februari, 2018

Download Jaws 2018 update Febuary

JAWS 2018 Features
JAWS Version Number Change

Beginning with this release, JAWS will now be numbered using the year it will be shipping in, rather than an arbitrary number. You can think of it as though
this is the 2018 model of JAWS coming out this Fall, just as they do with cars. The versions of ZoomText and Fusion that get released following this new
JAWS 2018, will also have the same 2018 numbering. This will make it easier for users to know which versions go together, and when they were released.

Microsoft Edge Support

JAWS 2018 introduces support for Edge, the latest web browser from Microsoft included in Windows 10. To use JAWS with Edge, you must be running the Windows
10 Creators update (version 1703) or later. While there are still several JAWS features that are not available in Edge such as selecting and copying using
the Virtual Cursor, PlaceMarkers, Smart Navigation, Flexible Web, and domain-specific settings, we have made the overall experience of navigating pages
in Edge using both speech and braille as similar as possible to working in Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox. As we continue to work with Microsoft
to improve the Edge experience, future JAWS updates will include greater functionality.

The Virtual Cursor is used to read pages in Edge just like in other browsers. You can use the standard reading commands as well as most of the Navigation
Quick Keys to navigate through pages. Currently, there are a few Navigation Quick Keys that are not yet supported in Edge, however the most used commands;
moving by headings, paragraphs, forms, tables, lists, graphics, and regions, are available. More Navigation Quick Keys will be supported in future updates.

By default, JAWS uses Semi-auto Forms Mode in Edge, which turns on Forms Mode automatically only when you move to a form control using TAB or SHIFT+TAB.
Due to the way Edge displays pages, Auto Forms Mode is not available as it is possible to have multiple controls on a single line. You will need to press
ENTER to turn on Forms Mode if you use the ARROW keys to move to form fields.

Other familiar JAWS features that are currently supported include:

list of 4 items
• Displaying a list of links, headings, or form controls by pressing INSERT+F7, INSERT+F6, or INSERT+F5.
• Searching for text on the current page by pressing CTRL+F.
• Obtaining font information by pressing INSERT+F.
• The ability for JAWS to detect changes in the language used on a web page and automatically switch to the appropriate voice if available.
list end

As you begin using Edge, one important item to note is that Edge is a Modern app with no menu bar that can be accessed using the ALT key. To access Edge
specific features, press TAB from the bottom of a page or SHIFT+TAB from the top. Continue using TAB or SHIFT+TAB to move through the various controls
until you cycle back around to the content area. Alternatively, Edge offers many of the same shortcut keys found in other browsers such as CTRL+T to open
a new tab, CTRL+H for History, CTRL+I for Favorites, CTRL+J for Downloads, and so on.

Convenient OCR Adds Support for Freedom Scientific Cameras and Flatbed Scanners

The Convenient OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature, which enables you to recognize the text of inaccessible PDF documents opened in Adobe Reader
or the text of images on the screen, has been expanded to support the recognition of image files as well as images captured by Freedom Scientific's PEARL®
reading camera or a flatbed scanner. The PEARL is a highly portable document camera that allows you to capture and recognize a page within seconds, and
also features an automatic mode that senses motion which causes it to capture an image whenever a page is turned.

Download JAWS 2018.1802.78

• JAWS 2018.1802.78Non-Tandem 64-bit English - February 2018
• JAWS 2018.1802.78Non-Tandem 32-bit English - February 2018

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