25 Mac, 2016

Aipoly Vision: suatu aplikasi membantu orang buta mengenal objek dan warna

Memperkenalkan satu aplikasi "hebat" untuk identify objek dan warna tanpa perlu sambungan internet. Sangat berguna untuk orang buta.

Untuk buat masa ini, hanya terdapat pada iOS dan mengikut pembina aplikasi, versi android akan muncull tidak lama lagi.

There are several apps out there that can identify an object in front of your camera, as well as its color. Apps like
for example, use a conventional method to do this called crowdsourcing. This means that as soon as you take a picture of an object, it is transmitted
to a server where it is then analyzed by a group of people. Once they determine what the image represents, the result is instantly sent back to you. This
insures that you will almost always get accurate results, but then one drawback to this method is that you usually have to wait a while for your image
to be recognized, Not to mention that the device you’re sending the image from has to be connected to the internet the entire time.

Aipoly Vision
uses a different approach. Instead of sending your image to a server,
Aipoly Vision
processes and announces your image on your device, without requiring an internet connection! Unlike other apps, there is no need to take a few pictures
and wait a while for your results. As soon as Aipoly is on, it instantly starts to scan and announce anything in its view. As of now, Aipoly recognizes
954 types of colors, and is able to process images at the rate of three times a second. The down side to this method is that you may find that
Aipoly vision
is not as accurate as other apps, but since it uses artificial intelligence, it learns about new objects every time! Teaching Aipoly vision is as easy
as switching to the teach Aipoly mode, and then typing a description of an item in its view.

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